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ACT Planning Minister releases Statement of Planning Intent

ACT Planning Minister Mick Gentleman last week released his Statement of Planning Intent, which he said advocates the thoughtful management of urban growth while simultaneously increasing innovation in the Territory's planning system to deliver a better Canberra.

"The statement is the result of consistent messages I have received from the community, business and research sectors supporting urban renewal and intensification around existing centres and transport corridors," Mr Gentleman said.

Black Mountain, Canberra
Photo: Black Mountain, Canberra / by Prescott Pym.

The statement is based on community engagement undertaken between 25 February and 8 April 2015 during which individuals and organisations submitted their comments and ideas.

"The engagement revealed there is still room to improve the planning system and development outcomes for our buildings and public spaces, so the statement includes a series of actions to focus on that," the Minister said.

"The community made it clear to me that we need to work collectively to deliver sustainable demonstration precincts across Canberra. This will involve showcasing innovation and design excellence in our built form, create better places for people and vibrant public spaces."

According to the Minister, the statement addresses the key messages from the community and stakeholders through four priorities:

  • Creating sustainable, compact and liveable neighbourhoods with better transport choices;
  • Delivering high quality public spaces and streets through place making;
  • Delivering an outcome-focused planning system to reward design excellence and innovation; and
  • Engaging with the community, business and research sectors to optimise planning outcomes.

Each priority has a series of actions with clear timeframes for delivery over a five year period.

"Actions to make the planning system better include establishing a single urban design advisory panel to improve the quality of development outcomes and the public realm and an Active Travel Office to coordinate the government's planning and implementation of walking and cycling infrastructure," Mr Gentleman said.

"Actions to improve public places and streets will involve conversations with the community on how we can collectively make better places for people. This will inform the development of a place making guide to assist government, the private sector and the community to create better places for people.

The Statement of Planning Intent is available from the ACT Government's Environment and Planning Directorate website at <>.

Photo: Black Mountain, Canberra / 'Tall Tower, Long Shadow' / Prescott Pym / Licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC 2.0.

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