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LDA releases revised master plan for Canberra Brickworks precinct

THE historic Canberra Brickworks and its surrounds will be transformed into a showcase urban renewal project over the next decade, according to a revised strategy and master plan released last week by the ACT Government's Land Development Agency (LDA).

The project site, approximately 49 hectares, is located at the 'intersection' of Adelaide Avenue, Yarra Glen, and Cotter Road, in the suburbs of Yarralumla and Deakin.

Artist's impression of Canberra Brickworks precinct
Above: Artist's impression of Canberra Brickworks precinct / Land Development Agency.

In a statement, the LDA said it is confident that its revised master plan responds to key community concerns about traffic management, density and building heights, parking, heritage and environmental values, and open spaces.

The LDA added that it carefully considered the provision of facilities and services to meet the present and future needs of both residents and visitors.

An early priority is the construction of a six-lane interchange bridging Yarra Glen Road, the Mint Interchange, to address current and future traffic management concerns. The interchange can be built without disrupting existing arterial roads or access to Yarralumla.

The Mint Interchange has allowed the LDA to bring forward a future stage of the project and reduce dwelling density by distributing development across a larger area. Higher densities have been moved closer to Cotter Road, and building heights have been lowered across the site.

At least $5 million will be spent on conserving and adapting the Brickworks, making the heritage precinct accessible to all Canberrans and adding another major visitor attraction to the ACT. Reconstruction and adaptation works will enable use of the buildings for office, studio and gallery or community space.

The revised master plan provides additional public parking near the Yarralumla shops and in other locations, mixed-use zones in Yarralumla and Deakin, and a bus stop in Adelaide Avenue with a park-and-ride nearby.

Five new parks totalling more than 7 hectares will add to Canberra's public realm – two with unique heritage characteristics and others addressing connections with local and national history.

The LDA will consider comments on the revised master plan in the design development of the project. People will have more opportunities to comment in the statutory processes to follow, including referral under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.

The master plan is open for public comment until 21 March 2015. More information is available from the Land Development Agency website at <>.

Image: Artist's impression of Canberra Brickworks precinct / Land Development Agency.

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