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Bill to improve planning and building legislation tabled by ACT Planning Minister

AN omnibus bill that makes a number of minor changes to Environment and Planning Directorate (EPD) legislation was tabled in the Legislative Assembly by ACT Planning Minister Mick Gentleman last week.

"The Planning, Building and Environment Legislation Amendment Bill 2014 (No. 2) is part of EPD's omnibus legislation amendment bill process which provides an efficient avenue for consideration of minor matters in a consolidated single bill," Mr Gentleman said.

The Bill makes minor policy, technical and editorial amendments to legislation including requirements for building approvals for work that is considered exempt from requiring development approval (DA).

ACT Legislative Assembly
Photo: ACT Legislative Assembly, Civic, Canberra / by OZinOH.

"It requires certifiers, when issuing building approval, to produce a notice on why the work is considered DA exempt," Mr Gentleman said.

"This change was to provide greater transparency around documentation of DA exempt development. This change to the Building Act and Building (General) Regulation will provide a useful record of the decision and reasoning behind it."

The Bill also amends the Planning and Development Act to allow the Planning Minister to make minor amendments to DAs decided by the Minister under call-in powers.

"This fixes the anomaly where the planning and land authority could make small but necessary changes to a DA, but the Minister did not have the specific power to do the same," the Minister said.

"The Bill also contains minor technical and editorial amendments including correction of typographical errors and updates to section references to Acts and Regulations."

Photo: ACT Legislative Assembly, Civic, Canberra / 'Legislative Assembly IMG_3009' / OZinOH / Licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC 2.0.

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