Australian Capital Territory

More 40km/h speed limit precincts likely in Canberra

ACT Territory and Municipal Services Minister Shane Rattenbury has announced the start of an investigation into additional slow speed precincts in Canberra after revealing the results of an evaluation of 40 km/h speed limit precincts in the Belconnen, City and Tuggeranong town centres.

"Forty kilometre speed limit precincts were introduced in the three town centres in June last year following a successful trial of reduced speed limit precincts in the Gungahlin and Woden Town Centres," Mr Rattenbury said in a statement last week.

According to the Minister, Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS) undertook an evaluation of the 40 km/h speed limit precincts earlier this year to measure their effectiveness and the level of public support.

Of the 450 people surveyed, 72 per cent supported the reduced speed limit precincts in the Belconnen, City and Tuggeranong town centres and said that they felt pedestrians and cyclists were safer since their introduction.

"We are now considering the extension of these slow speed precincts to Group Centres such as Dickson and Erindale. This initial evaluation work will commence shortly," Mr Rattenbury said.

"Implementing safer speed limits in areas with high pedestrian and cyclist activity is in line with National and ACT Road Safety Strategies and is critical to improving road safety for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists.

"Research indicates that a 40 km/h speed area can significantly reduce the risk of death for pedestrians and cyclists if there is a collision. For example, a 10 km/h decrease in speed from 50 km/h to 40 km/h can reduce the risk of death by over 50 percent.

"Slower speed environments improve safety for all road users and help draw more pedestrian activity to the area. They help to create safer and vibrant community areas for Canberra, and help to make it a more sustainable and active city," he said.

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