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ACT government launches 'Canberra 2030 – Time to Talk'

THE ACT Government has launched 'Canberra 2030 – Time to Talk', asking for an in-depth conversation with the Canberra community about the kind of city Canberra should be in 2030.

The discussion will be based on 10 themes - Population, Water, Canberra Homes, Getting Around, Land Use and Planning, Liveability and Wellbeing, City Form, Environmental Sustainability, Living in the Nation's Capital, and 'Who Pays?'.

The government is seeking to involve as many Canberrans as possible, using a variety of consultation methods including seminars, surveys, online blogs, shopping centres displays and other forms of social media.

"The focus of the conversation will be on urban form in all its facets - population, sustainable transport, addressing climate change, housing, planning and open space - and the challenges we will collectively confront as we build a better city for the future," Chief Minister Jon Stanhope said last Friday.

Mr Stanhope said the government is hoping to hear from as many people as possible. "We don't want to simply hear the views of the 'usual suspects'. We want to hear from Canberrans from across the social spectrum, to find out what they value about our city, and what they would like to see Canberra become by the year 2030."

Respected Canberrans from across the community will work as 'Champions' to encourage their fellow Canberrans to get involved.

The government has said that the views expressed by the community will be incorporated into an independent report, which will help guide and inform future detailed Government policymaking, such as next year's review of the Spatial Plan and the next five-year action plan under the ACT Government's climate change strategy, Weathering the Change.

"Together we will be actively shaping a future direction for our city - and because we will all be better informed by the end of the process, we will know why we chose it," Mr Stanhope said.

More information about 'Canberra 2030 – Time to Talk' is available from the website at <>.

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