ACT Planning Strategy released

ACT Environment and Sustainable Development Simon Corbell has released the final ACT Planning Strategy, which outlines Canberra's strategic planning direction for the next two decades.

According to Mr Corbell, the government will focus on more development in and around group and town centres to ensure that more Canberrans can live close to transport corridors and their places of work.

"Canberra is a growing city, and this important document provides a vision for how Canberra can grow in a sustainable way and how people can settle closer to centres which provide employment, commercial and social opportunities," Mr Corbell said.

"The Labor Government believes that residential and commercial development should occur where people can easily move around without a reliance on a car, for example on major transport corridors like Northbourne Avenue and Adelaide Avenue.

"The Government is currently investigating the feasibility of a rapid transit project between Gungahlin and the City and the ACT Planning Strategy is closely linked to this work to ensure future development plans take into account proximity to public transport," he said.

Some of the key actions included in the ACT Planning Strategy are a focus on development on key transport corridors; better integration of transport networks across the city; more variety in sustainable housing stock and public open space for all Canberrans to enjoy.

It is projected Canberra will need around 45,000 more dwellings by 2030 and that approximately 75,000 people will be over the age of 65.

Mr Corbell said it was important to consider where dwellings were located to provide greater diversity in the type of housing and lifestyle opportunities available.

"During the detailed consultation on the draft ACT Planning Strategy, it was clear that Canberrans wanted to have the choice to remain in their current area of Canberra, despite choosing to down-size, so that they can remain close to their place of work and family networks like schools and community groups," Mr Corbell said.

More information about the ACT Planning Strategy, which was released at the end of August, is available from the Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate website at <http://www.environment.act.gov.au/>.

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