Melbourne West CBD

What Melbourne learned cutting emissions from '1200 Buildings'

By Brendon Bosworth / Published by Citiscope.

MELBOURNE, Australia — The octagonal office tower that sits above a Maserati dealership here has seen a lot of change since it was built for an airline tycoon in the late 1970s.

For one thing, the helipad on the roof has been replaced with a black "plant room." This space houses the mechanical guts of the building's new heating and cooling system — a much more energy-efficient version than its predecessor.

Trees alongside the Yarra River in Melbourne

Can Melbourne lower its temperature by 4 degrees?

By Neil McMahon / Published on Citiscope.

Melbourne, Australia — This city's strategy to save its urban landscape — and protect itself from the perils of climate change — was borne of patience. Followed by despair. Followed tragedy.

Patience, from waiting for more than a decade for an epic drought that began in the late 1990s to pass. Despair, from realizing that the water shortage was lasting beyond the city's ability to cope. Then tragedy, from a brutal heat wave in 2009 that brought wildfires and so many heat-related deaths that inaction became unthinkable.

Southern Cross Station, Melbourne

Rip up the contracts? Why public-private infrastructure deals need to change

Written by Graeme Hodge, Monash University / Published by The Conversation.

Victoria's public-private partnerships (PPPs) are a mess. Their democratic standing has never been lower. They have always trumpeted better value for money and more timely delivery, but with the contract for the estimated $17.8 billion East West Link about to be "ripped up" it now looks more like a circus.

Few winners will emerge from the coming fight. Though incoming Labor Premier Daniel Andrews should be applauded for planning to release the East West contract, the deadline for doing so has long past.

Towards the Hoddle Street/Alexandra Parade exit of the Eastern Freeway

The East-West Link is dead – a victory for 21st-century thinking

Written by Peter Newman, Curtin University / Published by The Conversation.

Labor's state election victory in Victoria has fatally undermined Melbourne's most controversial tunnel, the now-doomed East-West Link, with new Premier Daniel Andrews pledging to rip up the contracts for the project.

His decision is a victory for anyone who values 21st-century urban thinking over the outdated car-first mentality.

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